Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Battleground Texas

County Chair Dana Rushing was contacted by the Canadian Broadcast Corp. and asked if they could come to her home and interview her. They wanted to do a story on the Beto-Cruz race. The producer researched the Texas Democratic Party website and discovered her contact information as the Llano County Democratic Party Chair. 

She gathered several of the women who have been instrumental in our efforts to get out the Democratic vote in Llano County. While our part in the video is small, it's reflective of what's happening at kitchen tables everywhere in this state. The race will undoubtedly be close, but never underestimate the power of women who want to be the change for a better country.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

County-Wide Block Walk

Llano County Democrats have committed to contact every Democrat in Llano County in person to Get Out The Vote. Our block walkers including County Chair, Precinct Chairs and volunteers are visiting every Democrat's home to encourage everyone to vote or leave door hangers featuring all the Democratic campaigners. In most cases, voters will receive a follow-up call closer to the election. 

Recruiting volunteers for these projects has been a tremendous success. What started as a small group of Llano County Democrats last year has significantly grown to over 40 volunteers doing various tasks to get out the vote--knocking on doors, calling on the phone, registering voters, working the polls, mailing postcards, designing door hangers, working at the town halls, etc. We couldn't do all we're doing without our volunteers.

Consider yourselves warriors in our efforts to turn the tide from greed and indifference to INCLUSION, COMPASSION, AND ACTION!


Thursday, August 16, 2018

Beto Town Hall

"After being warned on social media to carpool and come early, carloads of people, sometimes with five people loaded into one car, started arriving at 1:15 PM. The Beto Town Hall at Quail Point in Horseshoe Bay on Thursday, August 16 didn’t begin until 2:15 PM.
And they kept coming. It became clear early on the three large rooms reserved for the event were going to be strained to the walls with people. Some were standing, and some were sitting on the floor. The lucky ones sat in metal chairs. There were easily 400 to 450 people who eagerly awaited the US Congressman from El Paso, Beto O’Rourke, who is the Democratic candidate for the US Senate.
Gail Lang, Mayor of Llano, introduced Congressman Beto O’Rourke. She barely finished her last sentence when Beto was greeted with a standing ovation from an audience that had waited almost two hours for his arrival.
He did not disappoint.
O’Rourke, who does not accept corporate special interest donations, supports single-payer healthcare. He has advocated for universal background checks for gun purchases and a complete ban on assault rifles. He is running a positive campaign and made no negative comments about Ted Cruz, his opponent and current US Senator from Texas."-Dana Rushing, Llano County Democratic Party Chair

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Aquaboom 4th of July Parade

We had the distinct pleasure of having a float in the 49th Annual July 4th Aquaboom Celebration. The club decorated the float the day before at members Jim and Brenda's home, then showed up for the parade early the next morning. The Land Parade starts and ends early because Texas on July 4th is HOT, y'all. 

Club members rode the float, held signs, threw candy and shouted patriotic slogans. Don played patriotic songs on the guitar. America The Beautiful was a crowd favorite, with some well-appreciated interludes of ZZTop's 'La Grange' and SRV's 'Pride and Joy'.

We felt a real connection with the community and plan on doing this again next year.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

49th Annual Aquaboom

Llano County Democrats set up a Voter Registration booth at the 49th Annual Aquaboom Community Celebration in Kingsland, TX. It was hot as blazes but a wonderful event. The event goes on through Wednesday when we will be in the Aquaboom Land Parade on the 4th of July.

Paula D'Orsogna, Lisa Miller

Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10 Town Hall

A big crowd of almost 60 people attended our town hall meeting at Forno's Bar and Grill in Horseshoe Bay. The following candidates spoke at the event: Mike Collier, Lt. Governor; Joi Chevalier, Comptroller; Miguel Suazo, Land Commissioner; Stephanie Ertel, Texas State Rep. District 53; Jennie Lou Leeder, US Congressional District 11.

The candidates energized the crowd with their fresh ideas, compassion, and intelligence. We are indeed the party of compassion, inclusion and "of the people." We are proud to be Democrats. We will continue to stand up and speak out against BIG MONEY controlling our democracy and injustices perpetrated on the most vulnerable of our fellow human beings!

Gilberto HInojosa, Texas Democratic Party Chair, was the Master of Ceremonies.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

March For Our Lives

Following the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that resulted in the deaths of 17 people, the students of the school began a movement called March For Our Lives. The students and young people, who will soon be voters, are rebelling against being endangered in the very atmosphere they need to prepare them for their futures. They are demanding sensible gun legislation to decrease gun violence in our country.

The official day of the March in Washington, DC and the sister marches was March 24, the day of our County Convention. Llano is one of the over 800 cities across the US who conducted marches in their hometowns. We finished the County Convention at noon, marched to Courthouse Square and our Representative Mike Conaway's office. We then crossed the Llano Bridge and back again.

Traffic slowed a bit as people read the signs, we received some thumbs-ups and a very few frowns. We also left a few of our signs at Representative Conaway's office. The Llano News covered the story here. 


Llano County Democratic Convention

Llano County's Democratic Convention convened at 10am March 24 at the Llano County Library.

We selected the delegates to the State Democratic Convention and voted on Resolutions to be forwarded to the SDEC and State Democratic Party. Special thanks to Jenny Lou Leeder, the Democratic candidate running for US Congress, District 11, for speaking to the Convention.

Thanks so much for all the hard work our volunteers put in to make this an amazingly efficient and productive Convention. We can all feel the Blue Wave Coming!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Llano County Democrats Celebrate

Why are these Llano County Democrates so happy? Could it be because all of that hard work is paying off? Democratic Primary voters nearly doubled in the 2018 midterm elections from the 2014 midterms.

A little celebration, then heads-down-back to work! 

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Democrats Political Rally!

Highland Lakes Democratic Women and the Llano, Burnet and Blanco County Democrats presented an Old-Fashioned Political Rally to present Texas Democratic Party Candidates. The roster was full and the candidate's presentations were energizing and...well, RALLYING. 

Our dedication to turning Texas Back To Blue is becoming a reality. More people are realizing that every vote in every election counts and all politics is local. We must become the experts in how we want our communities, counties, states and nation to represent our wishes, now and for the future.

Candidates who presented;

  • Jeffrey Payne and Tom Wakely, for Governor
  • Mike Collier and Michael Cooper, for lieutenant Governor
  • Kim Olson, for Commissioner of Agriculture
  • West Hanson, Julie Oliver, and Kathi Thomas for Congressional District 25, which includes Burnet County
  • Chris Perri, another candidate in District 25, was represented by his campaign manager, Clayton Tucke
  • Jennie Lou Leeder for Congressional District 11, Llano County
  • Joe Herrera and Stephanie Lochte Ertel, Texas House District 53
  • Rebecca Bell Metereau, Texas House District 45, Blanco & Hayes
  • Kathy Richerson, Texas House 54, Bell and Lampasas
  • Gisela D. Triana, Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District, Place 6 - 24 area counties,including Travis, Blanco, Burnet, Llano. As far west as San Angelo.

Attendees consisted of around 100 people, plus candidates, about evenly divided between Burnet County and Llano County, but some from Leander and some from Mason.

Door Prizes from Julie's Cocina in Cottonwood Shores;  Ace Hardware in Horseshoe Bay, Main Street Tattoo, M.F.; Madilyn's, M.F; Hill Country Cryotheerapy; Horsesoe Bay; Pet Supplies Plus, Marble Falls, Marble Falls, Flower and Gift, Marble Falls; Scissortails Salon, Horseshoe Bay; Blue Bonnet Cafe, M.F; Hill Country Helath Store, M.F., Hiccups Sports Bar and Restaurant; CS,  Hush Luxury Spa and Salon, Cs; Marble Falls 8 movie Theater, Tractor Supply, Marble Falls, Lights 'n Such

We had a full house

Our attendees were focused and attentive

Mel Hazle, Ella Tyler

Judge Gisella Triana

Vivian Wolfe, Marti Pogue, Linda Yarbrough

Mary Ann Raesener

West Hansen, Brenda Smith

Stephanie L. Ertel

Don Crowder, Lisa Miller, Pat Gibbons, Lily Keltch, Lewis Crowell